Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silvia Ikle Pulls Out of 2008 Olympics

Silvia Ikle has pulled both of her horses, Salieri and Romario out of the 2008 Summer Olympics. To most, it would seem that she is concerned about her horses and their performance in the summer heat at Hong Kong. She has placed other horse owners and riders under the world’s watchful eye for making the decision of taking their horses to compete this summer in the 2008 Olympics. The Olympic officials have also been put under the microscope of every horse owner to make sure that the facilities are going to be in working order and that everything will run smoothly. If you first felt like I did, you thought she was giving up some personal glory for her horse. Well, we were really duped. If she was really going to give up personal glory, she would have pulled her horses out when she first found out that she qualified. This would have given someone else a chance to train and get prepared to go. Silvia announced in 2004 that she would not transport her horses to China and knew that the date for withdrawal was December 31st. If she had withdrawn before this date, someone, else would have been allowed to compete in her place. I guess that this would have allowed some other horse or rider from her country to have taken the gold medal. This may have taken her and her horse off top.
My personal opinion is that one of her horses probably has copd or some kind of bronchial problem.

I say, don’t be duped and that’s Hunters view of the Story!

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