Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beijing News Report ; Six Comfirmed Dead and More

I found a report today at that China admitted on 01/29/08 that six workers were killed during the construction of the new Olympic buildings. They were working on the tunnel that will connect the University Area with the Imperial Area, when it collapsed on 3/28/07. In Beijing they are renovating the area where the 2008 Olympics will be held by demolishing old homes and buildings. It seams that they are only leaving very historical sites. The report stated that the Chinese government had tried to cover these deaths up and have covered up other deaths that have occurred in the building of the "bird’s nests." It goes on saying how they will compensate the six mens families that they have admitted to being killed during the construction. The Central Department of Publicity also sent out orders to Chinese media telling them to not listen to bad press. Notes were also sent out to editors to demand Chinese journalists to stay away from any stories that show China in a bad light in the foreign press. They want no stories about air pollution, food security, torch route, or the paralympics. I guess there has been some food poisoning, and something about the torch route and the controversy with Taiwan. I also believe, that this is the first year for the paralympics and that they are worried that there may be violence against them because they are handicap. We may have to take undercover Army to the Olympics just to make sure that our Americans are safe while they are there.

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