Saturday, February 2, 2008

If I was Michael Phelps, I would be Mad!

Michael Phelps doesn’t even look like someone who is or ever has been on steroids. Swimmers want to be thin and lean, so they can glide through the water, not thick and beefy. Fat actually floats easier in the water then muscle. Everyone always says that girls float easier than boy that is the reason. Some have tossed around the idea that he is the best athlete that ever lived, but that I guess would depend on which sport you like the most. Swimming is, of course, one of my favorites, so he would be on the top of my list for the candidate of best athlete whoever lived. This last year he has broken records that people thought couldn’t be broken. He filled people’s hearts with pride in the last Olympics in Athens winning Six Gold Medals out of his eight events. He will compete in another eight events in this years Beijing Olympics. Will he be U.S.A.’s next Carol Lewis who made every Americans heart flutter and eyes fill with tears, as he won a remarkable nine gold medals. You and I will have to watch, pray, and cheer for my Olympic hopeful Michael Phelps! GO MICHAEL!!

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